Quali sono i benefici delle maschere auto oscuranti per saldatura 3M Speedglas con AdFlo

Do we want to briefly summarize the list of risks to which welders are exposed?

Radiation: UV ultraviolet, IR infrared and dazzling light. It is spontaneous to protect themselves from the dazzling light because it is visible, while from UV and IR rays that are invisible it is necessary to activate the necessary accords.
Welding fumes:They contain an infinite number of particles, many of which are highly dangerous for health. Here too the risk is often underestimated because damages are not immediately perceived (see table below) but are highlighted in the medium / long term.
Heat:Adequate protection allows the body not to undergo heat accumulations that in the prolonged exposure generate organic disruptions.
Electric shock:Like all electrical equipment, the welders also require adequate maintenance to prevent the operator from being subjected to electric shock risks.
Work position:The posture to which the welder is subjected is particularly unhappy: standing almost all day, generally with a folded back or on the knees, always live arm, many times with uncomfortable shoes that stiffen legs and back, etc.
Fall of objects:This is a danger that mainly concerns those who work in work. The attention is on welding so the surrounding world is almost imperceptible, the resulting risks are not easily identifiable by subjecting the welder to further hazards.

We have already talked about protection of welders in the Our article a year ago
In the latter year we did a lot to protect us from infectious risks but the risks of exposure to important damage for welders are always and more than ever current.

In particular we speak of the fumes of protection systems of the eye and respiratory tract. The risks for the eyes of a carpenter welder are multiple: glare, electric arc, impact of foreign bodies, radiation, suspended particles in fumes.
There is no minimum risk, ie a level below which does not exist the foresight of providing oneself with an adequate personal protection system. In compliance with the peculiarity of the work to be carried out it is necessary to evaluate, beyond the risks for health and safety, ergonomics. We have already addressed this topic When we talked about the respirators; If I do not provide security in combination with comfort the operator tends not to use them with double damage, both physical and economic.

In addition to the classic masks that, we remember, they are not sufficient to ensure adequate protection, there are fumes aspiration systems or forced ventilation systems.

Let's talk about 3M Speedglas that allow excellent eye protection and respiratory tract with high quality black-quality car filters in combination with filtered ventilation systems thanks to the 3M ADFLO system.

How does the 3M adflo system work?

The 3M ADFLO system combines the protection of the view and the respirator tract by means of a high-efficiency quick dimming LCD screen and a fan that allows you to scroll the appropriate air filtered inside the helmet. This does not allow welding fumes to get in touch with the welder by providing excellent breathing capacity.

In particular the model 3M Speedglas G5-01 Combine protection factors and ergonomics together with a unique quality guaranteed by Speedglas.

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