I principali dispositivi di protezione individuale che non possono mancare nel tuo ambiente di lavoro

It is December, the Christmas is coming - along with his gifts - and is also the month of the protection and prevention at the workplace. We also thought of a surprise that it can help you in any heavy work environment.

That's why we have created a unique kit for protection against risks that may present with an insidious work, as can be to the welder.

Let's see the 5 protective devices that we have included in this kit and can not be missing from your Christmas gifts.

5 DPI essential for your work

In the month of protection and prevention in the workplace you can make a very useful gift and technologically advanced to a person who comes into contact with various risks for the type of work they do, or to yourself.

1. Safety shoes Reebok All Terrain Freedom Work

Reebok, a brand that needs no introduction, has designed a very special safety shoes model.

The first feature is the inner lining of all kinkable, made of neoprene, or of the diving suit material. In this way, the fit is that of a sock, very soft and fluffy, and allows to be able to much more easily bend, no hassles for the ankle.

The presence of aluminum ferrule and extreme robustness do not, however, lose their effectiveness as a high accident shoe.

It also presents:

  • non-slip sole and antistatic
  • convex bead foam that allows the rebound of the person's weight and a lower energy falling on the floor with a consequent reduction in fatigue
  • Internal memory foam insole which stores and provides comfort and adaptation in movements. It is removable, washable and easy to sanitize.

2. Protective Eyewear 3M SecureFit 601

3M SecureFit 601 glasses can not miss in your personal kit because they are good and have many features that make it really interesting.

They are protective goggles that can be used in environments where there may be flying in the air solid agents, such as, for example, in cases where it makes grinding.

They have specific temples to bow that could fit very well at the head of anyone. It autorearm ensuring the stability in each position, in fact, they remain solid at the temples and avoiding falls.

The lens surface is anti-scratch and anti-fog. Excellent for those who use while glasses and mask while working.

3. Hearing protection headsets 3M Peltor Optime PTL

Still the 3M brand, one of the most trusted brands in the accident prevention field, we recommend the ear protection Peltor Optime PTL. Belle, solid and extending, are suitable for any type of head.

Their peculiarity is the fact that using an AA battery and clicking a button protect against noises that are in the background and allow you to listen to a conversation with a person at very close range.

This solution solves the problem that occurs every day in the carpentry environments. To communicate with a person in the vicinity, with a background of noise grinders, wire welding machines, hammers, the natural impulse is to remove the cap, exposing the lack of necessary protection.

That touch of a button you can ensure communication and break down all the background noise at the same time.

4. Face shields 3M 9320+

Among the most important aspects relating to safety at work, there is certainly the protection of the respiratory tract. Then he could not miss the protective mask in our kit.

3M 9320+ FFP2 certified mask. We have learned in these years, unfortunately, the meaning of this acronym indicating rather high protection compared to solid and non-gaseous external agents, such as dust and welding fumes.

This mask does not have the filter, so it is also excellent at a health level because it is required that there is no rest exit filter.

There is, however, a part of foam that allows:

  • A perfect adherence to the nose and face
  • That the air does not come out, avoiding the fogging in case of use of glasses without anti-fog lenses.

A great dpi, one of the immortal articles that must always have in a workshop.

5. Honeywell Work Gloves Dalloz Safety Core

As the last article, we think of the protection of the hands. Honeywell offers a truly effective product.

These are gloves with excellent resistance to cutting and abrasion on the dorsal part and are spread on the palm part of the hand. Comfortable and adherent, they also have an additional coating on the junction between inch and index, to reinforce one of the most stressed areas.

This area, in fact, is the one most subject to rubbing, abrasion and stimuli that cause excessive wear. Furthermore it is the part that is practically always in contact with anything you take it in hand and that it must be more protected.

Each of these protection devices is essential for you that you need to safeguard your health from particular external stimuli.

In this month, dedicated to prevention and protection at work, we decided to celebrate together by putting at your disposal the kit, or these 5 dpi, with a 10% discount on the total amount of purchase on the our site.

Give or give yourself the kit for a serene and safe job every day.

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