Come proteggersi dai danni derivanti dalle vibrazioni prodotte da utensili

Damage from vibrations (hand-arm vibration syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome) fall within the potentially irreversible damages very often underestimated but which are invalidating.

A correct evaluation of this danger allows the operator to prevent them, see how:

  • Use of abrasive discs
    The use of perfectly balanced products is important for abrasive discs and with a binder of the abrasive suitable to amortize vibrations.
    For this purpose the abrasive discs 3M Cubron They carry out an excellent service, combining this peculiarity at a high performance.
    Watch the Video of the theoretical explanation here
    Watch the Video of the practical demonstration here

  • Use of anti-vibration handle
    Another aspect is to use tools that have an anti-vibration handle and tool balance is guaranteed by quality brands.

  • Use of anti-vibration gloves
    For everyone you can use anti-vibration gloves that combine protection from both mechanical and vibration danger agents.


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