Cosa distingue un cannello di qualità da uno economico?

We are often asked that differences are between a quality torch and an economic one.

This article is mainly aimed at "private" users "who uses these articles for sporadic or hobby use because professionals, thanks to their experience and skills, have very clear ideas on this topic.

We start from the assumption that, unless particular occasions that are carefully examined, quality products cost 50 to 100% more than the economic ones.

But why ? That is what are the peculiarities that define the differences and therefore at the practical act, the functioning of a better product?

As always are the details that make the difference.

Take for example the cutting torch of the Harris Of which we are authorized retailers. We immediately notice that the lance's head is very robust, this avoids gas leaks in the cutting tip housing.

A characteristic of the cutting lances of the Harris torris is low pressure operation, in fact if we read the technical characteristics we immediately note that compared to a cheaper product the pressure, with the same cut thickness, is much more contained.

This particular is also important for the noise of the torch which in the case of Harris is far quieter.

The lower pressure also allows consumption optimization and therefore savings.

Another peculiarity is the gas mixer. A good mixer is very precise and therefore avoids a low pressure adjustment generate a return of flame (on this topic read the article a this link) Harris mixers are famous to operate at very low pressures (0.015 bars) without risk of flame returns.

In the mechanisms there are small details such as O-rings, gaskets, pins that are all cared for in the smallest detail and with maximum precision and quality in order to guarantee a long life of the product.

The gas flow tubes are of stainless steel with calibrated sizing according to pressure, mixing and tip capacity.

The handles are designed to be ergonomic, then balanced compared to the weight of the torch as well as being particularly robust for intensive use.

All Harris products report the quality mark's stamping, synonymous with respect for the legislation according to the most recent standards.

Each product is tested at the factory with its marked approval mark.

Watch Harris products of our marketing Or call us at 0431 621270 or write to whatsapp at 3486018421 for more information.

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