Abbigliamento da lavoro: saldi invernali 2022
Specific tools, devices and products are used every day in the welding or mechanics sector and the like.

The choice of products for your work cannot be random. You must consider the effectiveness, the method of use, without forgetting the safety and prevention for your health. A thorough knowledge allows you to make an informed choice.

This also applies to what you wear. A jacket can prove to be more than just a jacket when you work outdoors or you have to make specific movements.

On the occasion of the winter promotions (from January 24th while stocks last on our website), we discover some items of clothing that cannot be missing in your wardrobe for work.>

3 pieces of clothing for work

Do you really know the clothes you use when you work? Let's take a closer look at some of them and discover practical tips for their daily use.

PortWest winter work cap

It is not a simple winter cap. Comfortable and very warm, it is also equipped with two side lamps, the white one on one side and the red one on the other.

They are lamps that work with continuous light at low intensity or with intermittent light.

You can take the lights off and recharge them like any USB device, then plugging them into your computer or mobile charger.

U-Power Dribbling safety shoe

The U-Power Dribbling shoes are very comfortable shoes, equipped with a very high polyurethane foam insole. This feature allows you to bounce directly on it so as to release the energy upwards and not have problems with back pain or pain in the ankles and feet.

Very flexible, it allows agility of movements and to be able to bend without difficulty. It has a reinforced toe cap. This is an S3, that is a high protection that can be requested in some environments by / by the RSPP (Head of the Prevention and Protection Service).

The sole is non-slip, anti-puncture and anti-static, so it contains everything you need for personal safety.

Finally, it is water repellent. Even if the shoe looks like fabric, the water slides over it leaving the foot absolutely dry.

PortWest high visibility water repellent jacket

High visibility and with a hood, it is considered a winter jacket because it is very heavy, but by pulling the zip it is possible to unhook the inside of the jacket and make it suitable even for less cold seasons.

Separate the two parts, you get a spring garment, with all the hooks to be able to block the fabric when it is colder, and a beautiful long-sleeved fleece, for when it is a little warmer or you are on the move and therefore the body it warms up.

Such a jacket is truly excellent in all work environments, both indoors and out.

It is waterproof and can be worn in combination with trousers. These are really practical trousers, with numerous pockets and fluorescent details, also equipped with knee pads.

So, when you need to rest on the ground, just wear them inside the pants themselves, where there is the appropriate space, and that's it, your knees are protected and you don't run the risk of getting hurt.

Even the wardrobe for work must be updated, perhaps even more than other clothes, because it is subjected to greater wear and stress.

For your safety, it is a good idea to periodically check the condition of the clothing and if necessary run for cover, perhaps even taking advantage of the sales.

From 24 January, on our site, you will find numerous brands and many discounted clothing items. Find out what's right for you!

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