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What can I do to clean the weld seam? We often hear this question and we want to provide you with some useful ideas to improve the final result of your work.

There are various things that can be done. First of all, weld better πŸ˜› . If, however, you are still inexperienced or imprecise, a tool that can help you do this is an axial grinder . Let's look at two different types together.

Crown CT13308 axial grinder: the main features

Among the new products offered by Crown - a Swiss company specializing in tools and work tools, with factories all over the world - the latest grinder is particularly interesting:Β Β 

It is a machine used above all by those who weld or by those who carry out maintenance. It allows you to work for both semi-professional and hobby use.

This grinder has two important features:

  1. it is a 600 Watt, so it has enough power to be able to work safely in stock removal
  2. thanks to the ability to adjust the revolutions, by means of a handwheel, it can also be used with flap wheels , or with abrasive blades, to be able to sand slightly larger surfaces (in any case no more than 40 centimeters in diameter).

The machine is supplied by the production company with the guarantee and the service key is also supplied.

Crown CT13308 axial grinder: how does it work?

For a correct use of the Crown CT12018 axial grinder it is necessary to know that:

  • this axial grinder features a 6mm shaft
  • on the shaft it is possible to house the milling cutters with the shank of six
  • the cutters used are usually those in hard metal , but you can also choose other shapes and sizes
  • the cutter engages inside the mandrel , very simply.

A fantastic tool that you can really rely on.

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Stayer SD 27 CE axial grinder : the main features

The Stayer axial grinder with adjustable speed is a medium quality product, also suitable for professionals.

To use it properly you need to know its characteristics:

  • works at 750 W
  • it has a six millimeter shank
  • it is mainly used with corundum burs , therefore non-abrasive.

An alternative to the classic milling cutters are cutters, again with a shank of six, with hard metal heads , commonly called "vidia", from the German wie Diamant, meaning hard as a diamond. There are various shapes depending on the type of use you want to make of them: cylindrical, conical and so on.

The grinder kit also includes:

  • two clamps to tighten , with dimensions of 6.3 and 8 mm, to also use cutters with different shanks
  • a pair of charcoals , to be used as a spare when, after a certain period of time, the machine suddenly stops.

Stayer SD 27 CE axial grinder : how to use it correctly?

The grinder features a wheel to adjust the speed , from 10,000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute.

The slower the speed, the larger the diameter of the product can be. For example, for products that have an 80 or 100 diameter, the lowest speed should be used.

A common mistake is to always use this tool at 30,000 rpm with large diameter products. Both the cutters and the grinder itself will be damaged.

In this case, what happens is that the peripheral speed increases and consequently the effort of the engine also increases, until it burns.

Hence, these machines work very well , even on a professional level, as long as they are used correctly.

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