Come saldare ferro e acciaio inox o semplicemente acciai eterogenei con un unico elettrodo?

If you want to weld carbon or low alloy steels (iron) with stainless steels (stainless steel), the AISI 309 and 309Mo electrodes guarantee crack-free joints.

This type of INOX 309 electrode has been specifically designed to provide the filler metal with a ductile composition despite the inclusion of unalloyed metal. The reason why this happens is thanks to the strong presence of Nickel within this type of stainless steel which makes it particularly elastic and promotes solubility with other materials.

There are both the rutiles that are most commonly used, and the basic ones for a high seal and for welding in all positions.

Widely used in pipes or structures where you want to effectively combine the solidity of steel with visible parts in stainless steel.

The slag is usually easy to remove and the aesthetic result is also pleasant thanks to the soft and splash-free welding.

There are no particular requirements for welding, except for the correct storage of the electrodes in a dry place and with temperatures above 15 ° C and with a humidity level of less than 50%.

In case there are doubts in this sense, to find the chemical / physical characteristics of the product it is advisable to dry the electrodes for 2-3 hours at 250 ° C in the appropriate ovens (see here)

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Of course, there are also TIG rods and 309 stainless steel wire with the same features and functionality.

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Even the welders must not have particular characteristics other than those of being of a certain quality to keep the arc stable and with discrete penetration. In the case of electrode welding, it is possible to use a direct current welding machine (inverter) or a static one in alternating current ("old type").

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