Fai da te: come forare e filettare col trapano e come trasformare l'avvitatore in un trapano

There are never enough tools in a workshop. You need specific tools for each type of job.

Yet many of these tools are more versatile than you think. Let's see how you can transform a tool into another tool to use it in different contexts.

How to use the drill to drill and thread in one step?

Let's start with some useful changes to make on a drill, to reduce the steps and times of your work. To do this, just use a particular object: a tap holder .

This spindle:

  • has a 6.3mm attachment
  • it can be connected to any type of spindle
  • it can be inserted directly on the screwdriver with compact connection.

Using a tap that, in addition to threading, can even drill, in a single pass you can drill and thread, instead of dividing the two operations (pre-boring and threading) into distinct moments.

Furthermore, this device solves any problems related to finding the right drill bit to drill and thread .

In short, with a single tool you can do everything, thanks to this tap holder. Usage is very simple.

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From screwdriver to tapping machine: how to do it?

Let's move on to a couple of very useful tips for using taps and chucks with a screwdriver.

We start from the assumption that the screwdrivers are all reversible , so there is the possibility of tapping and then, with the reversibility, of removing the tap once the thread has been made.

Let's imagine that we have a half inch screwdriver and do not have, for example, a tapper at hand.

How to do? Three simple steps are enough:

  1. take the specific tap holder chucks , with the square housing, like the tap shank,
  2. insert the tap into the mandrel , where you will find a double jaw
  3. engages the spindle on the panel .

At this point you have got a tapper.

The use may not be very comfortable because a screwdriver, in general, is not very light. However, smaller screwdrivers such as cordless screwdrivers can be used with extreme ease of handling and good results.

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From screwdriver to drill: how to do it?

Another very interesting accessory is the adapter to transform a screwdriver into a drill .

Suppose you have a screwdriver, you need to drill, but you don't have a drill on hand. Or, more simply, to want to make holes with a lower torque , like a screwdriver. This is possible through this simple accessory.

Then proceed like this:

  1. take the adapter with a half inch socket
  2. applies the adapter to the spindle
  3.  insert the chuck , complete with adapter, into the screwdriver.

In this way, with the use of a simple accessory, you can also use your screwdriver as a drill .

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