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"I would like spare nozzles for MIG torch"

When a person looks for the spare parts of his torch, he certainly does not imagine to find himself facing a sea of ​​possibilities composed of trademarks, measures and different powers.

How to search for them correctly avoiding unnecessary purchases?

First we verify on the instruction booklet of your welding machine if there are useful information about the torch.
It will seem trivial, but from one of our internal survey over 50% of users do not consult the instruction booklet, 30% does it only in the event of problems and the remaining 20% ​​constitutes a minority that wants to know and exploit the potential of the own welding machine.

Normally as a nomenclature of the welding torch, a code is reported, a reference code. For example if you find a "25" type acronym the reference is at "MIG TORCH type 25"Which is a reference number of the original binzel product and on which there are many imitations, both national and foreign.

This number is likely to be present on the handle of the torch.

Some examples: for MIG torches the most common numbers are 15, 25, 36 and 500 (or 501, which is the same model as the 500)
For engraved these references also apply to TIG torches: 9, 17, 18, 20, 26.

It is good not to rely on images because they can decrease, especially for less experienced users (it is not a fault to be, we are also here for this!).

If the first two indications are not sufficient then we can do this

a) take measurements:
Of the Passafilo nozzle, which is actually called officially "driving point", which is the final silence skin usually mounted on the MIG torches.
The froting thread of the driving point can be 6mm 8mm, which are the most widespread on the market.
It will also be necessary to measure the total length - this is important to prevent it from protruding too much or remains too much inside the nozzle.
To follow the diameter of thegas nozzle (external cannot) at the point where it fits the body torch and obviously the relative length of the same.
For TIG torches the diameter and length of the Serraelectrode clamp that then determines the holder they Ceramic nozzles or in Pyrex Gas Lens.

b) Watch the torch connector:
Another important aspect is the attack to the MIG torch welding machine.
For many years now the torches have a so-called "euro" attack which is uniform for all brands.
Exceptions the model with internal attack that we generally find on smaller machines. In this case it is appropriate to contact the manufacturer of the welding machine even if it is always possible, with a little patience and collaboration, look for an alternative supplier.

Normally in the sites the indications are not very generous and almost everyone depart from the assumption that the potential customer knows exactly what to buy. For our part, aware of this aspect, we have tried to insert as many as possible and useful indications to the identification of the spare part.

If we were not successful we are always available to help you with the help of some photos, measures and maybe with the indication of any abbreviations on the torch.

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