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Why do you use welder benches? A true story that makes you understand how useful it can.

Frankly I have to admit that when they offer them, a long time ago, they didn't convince me. I was wondering that utility could have when most customers I know produce large structures and therefore dimensions clearly superior to the size of the tables.
On the other hand, those who welded more contained structures were structured with templates and other utensils that facilitated their work. In short, I thought they were one of those things that are affected by the love of those who invented them but in everyday practice their functionality would not have been appreciated.

Then I changed my mind.

One day I was in a workshop to a customer. While we were talking I watched a clerk that was meticulously positioning the grids to the ground, he took some teams, pointed to the pieces, then putting a tightening wipes, called a colleague to give him a hand, then pointed to the electrode, then straightened up, then held up With a forklift while using a counterweight to prevent it from slipping and finally welded .. A nice job I thought among me, a little dangerous. I presented it to the owner who, widening his arms and pointing me a wonderful look, like asking me if I had known to do better, he replied "We always did so".

I am obliged to present him the possibility of working better through the preparation of a special welder table in which the templates were prepared through the holes that would easily allow the sizing and therefore the arrangement, without effort, with the use of one Only person, in safety and above all with excellent precision.

Customer response: It costs too much.

Who knows me knows that it never owes, I never say, ask me this statement because for me it corresponds to the launch of a "challenge glove". As a good accountant I wanted to pick up the pure economic part, thus leaving out other aspects that are not to be overlooked, such as security.
The customer has agreed to collaborate by providing me from all the data useful to the calculation and together we tried to imagine doing the same job with a welder table.

However, we have maintained a certain margin of tolerance and, in collaboration with those who already had it, we simulated every single aspect that concerned the preparation, positioning, welding, correction of defects, the use of staff and real welding and own.

The result was surprising: in only 5 ½ months the table would be repaid with the only labor saving and then would therefore only take useful.

A further aspect was the satisfaction of the operator, something not shortly for those who spend the day to weld!

I already feel your comments: "Yes, but this applies to professionals .."; "The cost is not recovered by a hobbyist"; "I do it alone" ... and off.

All right, but let me notice some aspects, without the presumption of wanting to make you change your mind but with the sole purpose of increasing knowledge and therefore, based on these, to be able to operate the best decisions.

Hobbyists are smaller but no less precise and reliable. The accuracy of work and security have the same value for professionals at home.

The costs for hobbyists are the most attention point. We see it daily when we propose products that must respond to the need to maintain a great quality / price balance. There are people who spend a lot of euros for a camera, for a sewing machine or a kitchen robot that will perhaps use once in a lifetime but which provides him the feeling of belonging to a dreamed world and perhaps realized for the pure pleasure of to do it. Hobbyists, often, are more equipped and more attentive to safety than many professionals who, due to experience, feel they don't have to pay excessive attention to what they do and how they do it. Each of us knows many anecdotes to this effect. My task is not judging but suggesting advice.

Then there are also those who think they're alone. Of course, there are many who have done it and in some cases even better than those who are sold. Except then to tell me: "If I bought it I would have spent less ..."
The bench steel has undergone nitriding treatment and therefore welding slags do not adhere, do it alone is quite complicated.
The rest could be done easily, for those who have a magnetic drill, a mechanical level, a tangential grinding and above all, so much capacity.

If you arrived so far is because you found us through the video Or, if you haven't seen it yet, we invite you to do so.

If you are curious / curious to see the photos and read the features of the video table we invite you to click on this link.

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