La sicurezza con le bombole di gas inerte: Argon, CO2, Azoto

Gas Argon, mixtures of Argon CO2, nitrogen, all common gas use gases in the workshop whose danger is tended to underestimate the danger as it is not explosive.

This does not mean that they cannot be a source of danger since from the data that is communicated to Eiga * a number of deaths due to asphyxia occur annually.

Most occurs in confined environments where the percentage of oxygen has decreased due to the massive presence of inert gases. The oxygen present in the air has a percentage of 21%, a concentration of less than 18% is potentially dangerous. Below 10% the fainting without notice occurs, the damage to celebrate and death arrives in a few minutes. To give an idea two nitrogen inhalations are sufficient to lose knowledge and die in a few minutes.

But why do we tell you this?

Because many underestimate the aspect of security does not adopt the appropriate precautions. We therefore want to describe a few simple rules to manage argon cylinders, argon co2 mixtures and nitrogen.

First of all it is good to identify the possible sources of dispersion: the pipes, the fittings, the pressure reducers must absolutely not filter gas in the environment, if not the one necessary for the welding or inertization operations of pipes.

Many consider normal the "spiffo", like that of compressed air losses (here too there would be a lot to talk, but we will do it for other reasons in a further next article), unfortunately it is not.
Pressure reducers that have a number of hours of work no longer erogano evenly and linear, especially at low pressures, therefore to compensate tend to increase gas release with consequent increases in potential dangers as well as costs.

We recommend pressure reducers with economizer you can find At the link here.

The air exchange is important, gas concentrations can rise by decreasing oxygen percentages.

A very important operation is the closure of the cylinder valve to each completion of the daily work cycle or when the use is suspended for a certain period.

We recommend reading the gas safety data sheets that can be easily found on the producer sites.

Being Agents with storage of Siad S.P.A. For the southern area of ​​the province of Udine, our reference for safety cards can be found at this link

(* European Association that collects manufacturers and distributors of industrial gases)

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