Il rodaggio e tensionamento della lama della sega a nastro: come si fa?

The blade row is a practice to activate a new lama.

What is the break-in of the ribbon blade?
It is used to improve the performance of the belt blade guaranteeing efficiency and duration.

How does the ribbon blade running work?
Once the blade is mounted and tensioning capacity according to the requirements of the miter machine it is necessary to proceed as follows:
a) Position the piece by choosing the correct cutting speed according to the teeth of the tape blade;
b) reduce the pressure of the arch on the piece, the more the material tore the material, the more you need to reduce it;
c) check during the cut that the chip is regular and there are no vibrations;
d) the blade once heated tends to lengthen slightly, only if necessary, proceed with a slight tension using the appropriate knob;
e) proceed with the cuts by slightly increasing the speed and pressure always taking care to allow the correct exhaust of the chip, especially in the case of tender or thick materials.

We remind you that the teeth is adequate to the thickness of the material to be cut.
A teeth too thin on thick materials could "knead" the blade causing its overheating and therefore the tendency to the seizure with the consequent breaks.
A slight lubrication with the appropriate cutting oil It is advisable but carefully because excessive use could invade flywheels and then slide the blades.



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