Come e a quanti gradi riscaldare gli elettrodi per saldatura

Have you ever noticed this writing on the electrode boxes?

In this case it is written 350 ° C, 2 H
We know that the coated electrodes have a strong power hygroscopic, that is the ability to retain moisture present in the air.
In particular, basic electrodes and cellulosics are more subject to this phenomenon.

For this reason it is essential to keep the electrodes in a dry place. Many deposit them in the thermal room!

Or you can use some HEATELING FORNETTE To remove moisture and make them functional for the purpose. Remember that it is possible to heat only the basic electrodes 7018, not the Rutilici 6013!

For some processes subject to checks by welding inspectors it is mandatory to subject them to the treatment indicated on the box.


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