Come inserire un Elettrodo in Tungsteno nella torcia TIG?

You have to work with a TIG torch but you don't know how to manage the length of the tungsten electrode ? Let's try to make a clear and practical picture.

This is a very popular question here in our Tecnista shop. The assumption is that there is no standard answer that applies in all situations.

But, especially for those who are beginners and do not know what to do to TIG weld , this information can be a sort of guideline.

Who better than the technicians of an Italian manufacturer of welding machines like Helvi can teach us how to approach the basics and give us some tips for our work? That's why we turned to them to learn and be able to help us in turn.

TIG torch and tungsten electrode: how to find the right length?

Before you get started, you need to go through two preliminary steps:

  1. mount the TIG torch
  2. prepare the tip of the tungsten electrode.

If all your tools are ready, you can proceed with placing the electrode in the TIG torch. Let's see how.

How to define the distance to place the electrode inside the torch?

The manuals usually recommend at least four to five millimeters of tip protrusion , but if you want to be more specific and find a more suitable leakage to be able to see both the tip and where you are soldering, we recommend that you do something else. In fact, this method foresees being able to be more specific because the exit length of the TIG tungsten electrode will depend entirely on the internal diameter of the ceramic nozzle.

Follow these steps:

  • insert the tungsten electrode inside the electrode clamp ; in this phase the electrode is loose, since the cap still has to be tightened,
  • create an angle of 90 degrees , then a structure with a vertical plane and a horizontal plane; you can use two carbon steel sheets or even better two wooden boards which, being a softer material, does not risk damaging the tip of the tungsten electrode,
  • position the pink ceramic nozzle so that the two edges of the nozzle touch both the vertical and the horizontal plane at the same time. As a result, the tip of the electrode will touch the exact point where the edge originates, i.e. the 90 degree angle,
  • remaining in this position, lock the tungsten electrode by tightening the rear black cap . It doesn't have to be a precise operation, but it's definitely a great place to start.

In this way, the electrode will have an adequate length to escape and at the same time you will not waste the argon gas while working.

This is because the further the electrode is from the nozzle hole the more gas I will need to cover the greater distance from the point of the leak.

And you, what method do you use to correctly position the tungsten electrode? You can share your daily work experience by leaving a comment, or by following us on our social pages:

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