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About the welding machine STEL IRON MIG 221P you must know that…

It is equipped with St-Arc™ Which is an intelligent control of the Short Arc process, able to automatically manage all changes that intervene in the welding bath, such as irregularity of the piece or movement of the operator's hand.

In practice, the result is a short, 100% concentrated and stable arc, a colder welding, a decidedly lower heat supply and lower deformations, less splashes of welding and therefore minors post abrasive treatments.

The pulsed system in combination with the synergy allow a perfect balance of the parameters on each type of material, even with animated wires.
Many programs are already preset, this allows the operator even less experienced to be able to identify and carry out welding processes perfectly suitable for the type of material and the thickness.

The possibility of being able to connect the STEL IRON MIG 221P to a committed user of 3 kW makes this machine reliable also for "domestic" use.

Below is a table from the machine instruction booklet that contains thicknesses, thread diameter, materials and maximum accessible welding parameters while remaining within the limits of a common 3KW domestic electricity grid.

The stel technicians and designers in collaboration with the assistance service have developed this product, completely made in Italy, capable of satisfying even the most demanding welders.
We had positive feedback in the aluminum welding, of the Alinox, bronze / aluminum alloys for galvanized welding and naturally carbon steel (iron) especially the presence of thin thicknesses.

The welding machine STEL IRON MIG 221P It does not claim to replace TIG but its characteristics make it particularly suitable for making many processes that until yesterday were reserved for the TIG welders only thanks to the PAW system, the Stel patent, which allows a perfect control with aluminum wire welding On subtle thicknesses avoiding the "puncture" and the sheet metal overheating.

The customers who bought it, especially after trying other models, confirm great satisfaction once sufficient confidence is acquired with the various potential that only the STEL IRON MIG 221P It is able to offer.

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