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Why decap the stainless steel?
Obviously we turn to those who have just welded stainless steel and which must bring its intrinsic qualities before welding.

But let's take a step back: stainless steel (abbreviation of "stainless") has the peculiarity of being composed of a combination of steel and chromium, the latter at least in the percentage of 15%.
The chrome makes the metal itself stainless, that is, not susceptible to oxidation caused by contact with oxygen and hydrogen, therefore water and humidity. The result is that it does not rust, so it keeps its brilliance and mechanical seal.

The problem with stainless steel arises if we should make a welding on it, because welding is a chemical and mechanical stress that makes it lose its qualities due to the melting of metal at high temperatures. The result is that steel is no longer stainless.

Here then turns out to be necessary passivation, which is the stainless steel pickling process after it has been welded. The pickling is used to reconstitute the chromium layer needed to steel to return to being stainless.

How to do?
We at the technist recommend using the gel decapante. This chemical acts directly across the whole metal section that has previously welded and, being distributed on the surface with The appropriate anti-corrosion brushIt acts in a time ranging from 30 minutes to about 2 hours becoming an unusually greenish color. At that point it will be enough to clean the decapante gel with a wet cloth of cold water and wait for the surface to dry.

A board (and this also applies in the case of welds on other types of metal) is to also give a pass with acetone. This allows the surface to see all impurities removed without altering the chemical properties of the metal, also because acetone evaporates in a few minutes with the air, leaving no trace.
Attention! Operate always in well ventilated / ventilated places!

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