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What is the duration of a gas cylinder to weld?

Crucial question that is often revived at the moment when the buyer is undecided between the purchase of a rechargeable cylinder and a disposable disposable.

Let's take a brief premise: let's talk about gas in the aeriformed state, then gaseous as oxygen, the argon, the Argon mixtures etc. So we don't talk about LPG and acetylene that are contained in liquid cylinders thanks to the pressure with which they were bottled.

Another important aspect but not crucial to our latitudes is the temperature. A high temperature expands and therefore tends to increase the pressure, a low temperature will arise the opposite effect.

Speaking in principle and in the presence of a constant temperature we do some examples taking into account that the gas when expanding the pressure of 1 bar occupies the same volume as the cylinder.

Some examples:

Imagine that you work at TIG using a 7 liter / minute output flow. A 1 lt tank Of the disposable type will last: 110/7 = 15.7 minutes to constant dispensement.

Interesting the duration of 14 lt disposable cylinder: 840/7 = 120 minutes, ie almost 8 times the 1 liter but the cost is not 8 times greater!

On the basis of these examples and taking into account the price of cylinders it is easy to calculate its convenience based on the use that is intended to do.

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