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We still talk about welding protection clothing.

Why pay further attention to protection?
Because despite the wide dissemination of information concerning the danger of the exposure to UV and IR rays produced by arch welding operations, we note that many operators struggle to adequately protect themselves.
Without mentioning the legislation (which there are whole bibliographies available to everyone) we remain within the framework of common sense to try to raise awareness among the directs interested in considering some risk factors that, in the medium / long term, could lead to problems Even serious health.
Documented clinical studies give broad emphasis against the damage resulting from the exposure to UV rays produced by the electric arc in combination with IR rays.
We know that damage, without wanting to make a list but only quoting some, they can relate to eyes (read here How to best protect your eyes during welding operations) and the skin.
In welders in particular we record frequently 2 ° and often 3rd degree on neck, wrists, hands and generally the parts whose protection is given as considered less "sensitive".
If the fabric is not photoprotective, UV rays penetrate through the fabric network and, in addition to ruining it, reach the skin with the consequences that less experienced or first weapons welders have got to experiment.

So what can I do to protect me?
So let's protect us with flame flame tissues, along with Kevlar. Furthermore, the fabric must be in accordance with the degree of acidity (pH) and the levels of chromium VI and PCP and the coloring must be realized with natural products.
Pay attention to the correct maintenance of the garment to prevent the fabric from losing the protective properties. It is necessary to carefully follow the provisions indicated by the manufacturer in the instruction manual (in the product pages you can download the manual and the CE certificate, if it is not available you can request a duplicate to the seller of the garment).

An important aspect concerns the combination of more dpi
Simultaneous use of unsuitable garments with risk exposure produced by welding with aprons, gloves, helmets, glasses etc. NOT It is consistent with the legislation, ie the operator cannot be considered protected if there is no uniformity of EN among the various items used.
This is one of the most controversial and frequent aspects. Welders use normal cotton suits and cover aprons, sleeves and leggings but the parts in which the fabric is not in regulation constitutes a weak point and therefore an important source of risk.

Let's talk about costs?
In principle a welder suit costs 3-4 times a normal cotton suit but lasts up to 10 times more! What is the most convenient one?
We are having excellent feedback regarding "Flame Retardant" clothing as this jacket(See also the video in which we try to burn it in the previous link!). Beyond this, there would really be so many, so we refer to our contacts if anything we needed advice to this effect:
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