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First of all we are talking about iron, or rather, carbon steel.

We are wonderful very often what differences there are between the two types.
As usual we will not exhibit tables with the percentages of the compositions divided by chemical elements but we will go on the practical.

The SG1 compared to the SG2 contain less manganese (MN) and less silicon (Yes) that translates with a lower resistance of sealing both pressure and temperatures.
We talk about problems that can happen to -30 °. Instead, the seal is more important in the presence of welds on so-called "structural" constructions, that is that they support structures and therefore are stressed by their weight, from the weight to which they are subjected or by dilations and vibrations.

Incidentally this seal can also be required to absorb fluid pressures inside pipes.
The hinge of a gate comes to mind for example, or a support bracket of a piping subject to vibrations. These are important welds and therefore must be addressed with the correct intake material.

There is also the SG3 type that is used for strong stresses but between the audience of our customers there is never requested.

By summarizing we can say that if the welding is generic, for example to build an artistic realization or for the welding of a frame it is very well the type SG1, while the SG2 type is recommended for all those achievements that provide for a "seal". Even a carrier is a structural welding, even a coat rack because they claim weight and must not be a source of possible danger, so they should not give up.

The same classification applies to the wires for MIG / MAG and here the SG3 type is more requested since welds are by nature oriented to the construction of important works even if the most used the type is the SG2 type.

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