Come posso fare per togliere la colorazione dopo la saldatura sull'inox senza utilizzare prodotti chimici? - Tecnista

The particular "rainbow" color (blue, gold and purple) that assumes a welding on stainless steel is subject to dual problem: from an aesthetic part and on the other it is more subject to the corrosive agents of the finished product.

Please note that the use of decapante It produces a better yield because it manages to penetrate the irregularities of welding.

If you want to use beheaders, which are chemicals with strong aggressiveness and therefore potentially dangerous, you can opt for some 3M products including the Bristle Scotch Brite.

These discs are specially designed to quickly and safely remove the oxide layer, making the welded aesthetically best and smooth part.

The 3M Scotch Brite Bristle products can also be used for heavy removal of paints, sealants, epoxy adhesives even of high thickness.

Its particular conformation does not allow clogging therefore the yield is exceptionally effective and long lasting.

They are used with normal angular grinders from 115/125 mm of disk capacity. The most widely used grain is the 50 (green disc).

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