L'importanza del gas protettivo nella saldatura TIG - Tecnista

The thermal welding process must take place in the inert atmosphere, ie in the absence of oxygen molecules that could compromise the correct and compact melting by creating micro-explosions in the bathroom and therefore porosity.

To overcome this inconvenience it is therefore necessary that the GAS Argon can be used in the TIG welding (Tungsten Inert gas). The greater the degree of purity so welding will acquire better features both technical and aesthetic.

This is even more evident in the welds of aluminum alloys where it is recommended, in some cases it is mandatory, the use of Argon with purity at 99.9999% or with argon / helium mixtures that allow a better crushing of the oxide film (Alumina).

A further aspect is the gas outlet pressure from the cylinder. As we know it is necessary to a good pressure reducer that allows a balanced and constant flow of gas in the area where welding takes place. Too low pressure allows the infiltration of oxygen molecules, as well as a pressure too high since the vortex that is created, especially when the valve is opened at the time of the art, would also convey in this case oxygen that would pollute the process of merger.

An excellent remedy to avoid these inconveniences and above all to save up to 50% of gas consumption, is the application of a economizer At the pressure reducer exit. Its use guarantees a good savings, especially when the arc is switched on when the gas previously accumulated when shutdown is released by creating the classic overexposure peak and therefore consumption.

Saving the pressure reducer is uneconomically because it is known that an economic product does not enjoy a perfect setting of the flow that in addition to compromising the success of the welding will cause greater consumption and therefore costs.

Summarizing we recommend the use of gas with high degree of purity, contained in constantly revised and cleaned cylinders internally (we recall that they must be tested every 10 years) the advantages will be, for all types of materials:

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Regular cord and regular bathroom
  • Greater welding speed
  • Enforated penetration to the machine parameters
  • Cord compactness
  • stable bow
  • weldability in multiple positions
  • Reduction of harmful fumes

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