Differenze di innesco dell'arco nel TIG - Tecnista

When it comes to TIG it is necessary to distinguish the various trigger processes of the arch to which they follow as many types of welding machines.

We start from the most widespread one, the so-called "smear" system.
Generally all the owners of a common inverter welding machine, soon or later, want to try to transform it into a tig.

If it is not already prepared, with the LIFT function we will talk later, the MMA inverter welding machine (with coated electrode) can easily be used to be used for tig welding Smear.
It is intending tig smear that type of contact that is generated by rubbing, or commonly speaking, slightly crawling the tip of the tungsten electrode on the piece to be welded. It is necessary to proceed with caution as the TIG electrode may paste to the surface by losing the tip and therefore not allowing the welder the governability of the welding process. A little practice and above all of the spirit of adaptation can make up with the need for buying a more complex welding machine.

This procedure must be made with a torch with gas opening on the handle. The mass clamp is the same one that is used for the electrode function, the cylinder used can also be in disposable format, for the first tests or for those who make it a non-frequent use (some repair on subtle sheets).
The pressure reducer must also be suitable for the cylinder to use. You see Kit for transformation electrode welding machine to TIG.

A further procedure is named Lift.
The tungsten electrode is placed on the surface to be solder lifting it slowly to trigger the welding arc. The low intensity power pass allows it to not ruin the electrode while the welding machine progressively increases the amperage until the welding value is initially set. This procedure does not create electromagnetic disorders. The contact of the electrode with the welding bath pollutes pollutes slightly with tungsten contaminants. The contaminants who could enter into the welding bath would structurally compromise the result weakening the union of the welded parts.

The best procedure is without dubben the one called HF ie high frequency.
The trigger takes place without contact with the material via a high voltage pulse at a minimum power that allows the electrode trigger. This process, in addition to being used only with a machine prepared, also requires a particular torch equipped with a button to trigger the arc and simultaneously open the electric gas solenoid valve.

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