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It is not a secret that 3M is a brand to which we keep us a lot and perhaps what we are most often.
This is essentially due to the fact that their innovations are innumerable, and above all they can constantly communicate with us retailers that we have the task and pleasure of transmitting them to our audience.

This brand is synonymous with efficiency, innovation and quality in many industrial sectors, including and above all that of abrasive items.
We have recently witnessed a webinair organized by the 3M abrasive department experts, and we want to share with you the salient aspects of the event.

Initially, for choosing the right abrasive disk you need to know some things:

  • which metal you have to work
  • What power and speed you need
  • If the processing takes place on a flat surface or on edges
  • What tool you will have to use.

It is good to know that with the opinion of the multinational, the clientele of abrasives is distinguished in these three categories of interest:

  • 40% affect a low quality economic product and duration
  • 45% interested in good value for money
  • At 15% care that abrasive increases productivity. This category is interested in reducing the overall cost of processing more than reducing the cost of the abrasive disk alone as much as possible.

Who follows us often and / or looked at this video of oursHe knows very well that the last category of users is that interested in what the 3M has to say regarding abrasive products, and now we will see three examples that respond to different needs and help optimize processing.

3m bristle (Click here For the details Article and technical sheet)

The 3M Bristle disk has extreme conformability. It is used to clean the welding when the surfaces close to it are very irregular and a disc with needles that act deeply at certain points without ruining the surrounding metal.
A practical example of its use you can see it in the image below:

3M Scotch-Brite Clean & Strip XT and XT Pro
 (Click here For the details Article and technical sheet)

We talked about it too much and done too a video about this.
With the ceramic oxide of which it is formed is a great disk for removing rust, squid and even paint. Its peculiarity is that having braided meshes with large spaces inside is hardly subject to the mixture of materials that removes, and this makes it suitable even for paints, without however being aggressive to the point of removing the underlying material.
It is important to make a distinction between the purple disk and the green disk: while the purple disk respects the features just listed, the green disk has characteristics that make it slightly different. With it you can increase speed and has excellent results for aluminum cleaning, but should be used for larger sheets than purple, because it is faster and also removes a layer of underlying material.

Scotch-Brite Discs Suflace Cleaning

They are a series of discs used mostly for cleaning light welds in the corner or for the brilliant of the surfaces, removing the typical scratches of the most aggressive abrasives and making it ready to be painted.

Let's see the detail under the microscope these excellent discs in the two main existing types:

There are several abbreviations to identify the discs 3M Scotch Brite Surface Cleaning, but eventually the three essential abbreviations with their descriptions are the ones you see represented below:

And this then leads us to understand what drives to use depending on the process that we have to do, by locating it in the last scheme that follows:

It is clear that the 3M world is great and articulated, so even if we have tried to simplify the topic as much as possible there would still be much more to say, and your questions could already be many at this point.

Precisely for this reason we ask you not to hesitate to contact us for the right abrasive advice for your work! You can find us on:
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