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You have to replace the welding machine cables and you don't know what section choose?
Would you like to be longer but topics that can make power lose?
Will the cables be suitable for continuous use?

First we make a distinction between copper cables with rubber coating or in PVC.

Those with rubber coating can have a maximum operating temperature of 90 ° on the conductor. The legislation indicates this type as specific for welding, compliant with the European rules and directive for low voltage.

Those with PVC coating have a maximum temperature on the 70 ° C conductor therefore the legislation does not consider them for use in professional welding.

Let's make a practical example. We have a welding machine that delivers to the maximum
150 Ampere. We normally use it with 2.5 electrodes then with absorption around 100 amps (View article on the Duty Cycle).
We would like to replace the cables because over time they have worn (in this regard, I remember that most of the failures occurring on all types of welding machines are due to the wear of cables and an incorrect connection). We would like to bring the length around 10 meters and we ask which one can be the appropriate section. Without going into complicated mathematical formulas and referring to the common sense that indicates that it is better to abound (without exaggerating) that missing, the calculation that the technicians recommend is to take into consideration the maximum power of the welding machine, divide it for 10 and what you are Get is an indication of the cable section to be used. However it is always good to remember that much depends on the utilization factor, ie how long the maximum power is supplied on a constant work cycle. Constantly use the high amperage welding machine suggests you to increase the cable section.

The data provided are purely indicative and refer to a maximum length of 10 meters.

For each in-depth or specific request, we invite you to send us an email to or a message on whatsapp at 348 6018421 indicating the desired length, the type of welding machine, power, type of use, the length of cables and of course , the duty cycle.

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