Come saldare con facilità su ferro zincato - Tecnista

Sometimes it is not possible to weld the galvanized iron especially if the galvanizing has been applied "hot".

Remove the galvanizing to weld and then apply cold zinc is not always a good solution since the relative resistance to external agents is not comparable to electrolytic or hot galvanizing.

To make up with the problem, in the case of welds that do not require particular seal, copper alloys are used with 3% silicon.

These products, available in bothtig chopsticks that MIG wires (but also electrodes on request), allow the galvanized welding without compromising its coating and therefore without the need to use cold zinc.

This alloy is also particularly suitable for the union and repair of copper, bronze, brass and their leagues.
If used the MIG / MAG wire it is necessary to mount a teflon or carbon sheath and aluminum rollers. If used in TIG, a preheat should be appropriate.

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