Come rimuovere ruggine, verniciature e ossidi in un colpo solo: i Dischi 3M Scotch-Brite Clean and Strip - Tecnista

There are increasingly people who come to our store and ask us:

"How do I remove rust / paint / welding oxide / squid from the piece of metal?"

Indeed the answer is not so obvious. Let us think, we must not be aggressive because otherwise I would ruin the underlying metal base, so I need a disc that does not take too much material, but at the same time I need to remove what's over!

Here, as usual, the old friends of the 3M come to our aid. From their research centers, one, indeed no, two types of disks that can do for our case: the disks Scotch Brite Clean and Strip XT Pro and XT Pro Extra Cut.

These two discs have been designed with a flexible fiber in silicon carbide and high resistance aluminum, to allow fast and uniform performance.
There was already a disc that responded to this need that, if any nerd remembers, he had a purple color of today's XT pro.
Now the fiber has been redesigned which increases the conformability of the disks without going to interfere on the resistance.

The resin binder makes the fiber more resistant, as already mentioned, while the best sosparcation of the mineral guarantees a constant cut for the duration of the disc.

Both discs can be easily mounted on the angular grinder thanks to the threaded hole for quick change, without the need to add accessories.

Features common to both disks XT Pro and XT Pro Extra Cut:

  • Remove the rust, the paintings, sealant residues and other old coatings
  • The high conformability allows a wide contact area, speeding up removal
  • High-resistant fiber reduces fragmentation and discs perform better on edges
  • Reduces disc clogging and burning on the piece
  • The speed of the disk increases and reduce vibrations

But therefore, what is the Difference between the purple disk (XT Pro) and the green disk (XT Pro Extra Cut)?

The disc XT Pro It is formed by pure silicon carbide and is ideal for removing rust, squid and paint without removing material underlying to them.
The disc XT Pro Extra Cut Instead it is formed by aluminum oxide and is a bit more aggressive than the purple disc, slightly removing the substrate. It is particularly recommended on aluminum.

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