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In this article we do nothing but rebuild what has been said to be reconstructed in this video from Tommaso. Enjoy the reading!

How do I set the power of my electrode welding machine? How do I know how many amps needed for a certain type of work?


What I have to do is nothing but take the box of the electrodes I'm using and read on the label.

Let us pretend that we are about to use rutilic 2.5 mm diameter electrodes. On the box, I therefore find information regarding the type of electrode (E 6013, which corresponds to the ruthyl electrode), the diameter that I use and the number of pieces.

At the bottom, as can be seen in the image highlighted by two large red arrows, there is always a writing that indicates not a precise power, but a power range where I have to stay.

How exactly do I need? This depends a little from you and your experience as welders, as well as from the piece you need to weld, but the electrode manufacturer already gives you a big help by telling you that under 60 amps do not melt the electrode, while above 90 Ampere You risk having many splashes of welding and only do damage.

It is therefore a rough indication, to be taken as a very important help to know where to start welding.

And if he wasn't written?

My advice as always, before doing damage, is to call your dealer or even the electrode manufacturer if necessary.

If you don't have to find contacts then you can definitely contact us and we will be super happy to help you.

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Si potrebbe avere un prospetto che indichi gli ampere relativi ai vari diametri degli elettrodi?
Grazie, per quelli poco esperti come mè sarebbe molto utile.

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