Come montare una lancia da saldobrasatura o da riscaldo

The welding sector is truly articulated. The activity requires an accurate knowledge of the tools that are going to be used, both for safety reasons and for a work done as a work of art.

We have already talked about how to assemble a torch for cutting, to complete the discussion it is useful to deepen what happens in the case of brazing and heating.

Assuming we have already mounted a torch correctly , we have the possibility to do further work besides cutting. Let's see how.

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Brazing lance: how to mount it correctly?

The starting point is the disassembly of the cutting lance and the assembly of a mixer . On the handle the attacks are the same.

As a second step, the brazing lance must be added , for example for acetylene.

On a setup of this type, the same goes for the valves and the quick couplings of a cutting torch.

Again there are various possibilities for the size of the flame. To identify the best lance it is necessary to take into account 2 parameters:

  • type of materials
  • thickness of the part to be machined.

The flame you are going to use will be modulated on the basis of these elements. Keep in mind that the flame is measured in liters and not in millimeters-bore. So you need to figure out how many liters you need.

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Heating lance: how to mount it correctly?

How can you do to heat up? In fact, before welding, it can be useful to heat the pieces to be welded together. Again, you can start with the cutting torch.

If you are using the cutting tip yourself, be aware that the heat is very concentrated . The risk is that when you move, the other side cools down. Therefore the surface to be heated must be quite large.

To avoid inconveniences, it is better to use a specific nozzle to heat . It is a multi-hole drill. There are different types, for example for acetylene, but the most used are those for propane; suitable for working on smaller dimensions or simply overheating a bolt and then disassembling it.

As for brazing, you need a mixer, which allows you to change only the end part and not the whole lance. In short, there is a kind of savings.

It must always be mounted on the handle. In this way, the same handle that you have for cutting and welding is also used for heating.

Always remember to tighten the binding with a wrench , a half turn is already good, in such a way that it grips.

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