MIG wire welding machine, MMA electrode, TIG HELVI FOX 185 Flex Line Multifunction synergistic single-phase inverter

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Multiprocess welding machine with MIG / MAG wire welding inverter (with the possibility of welding full or animated wire NOGAS), with MMA electrode, TIG.
A single welding machine for all welding processes
Helvi Fox 185 Flex Line

Helvi Fox 185 is the leading model of the Fox range, which in addition to incorporating all the characteristics of other models, offers improvements that make it unique.

The new synergistic mode that allows you to adjust the thickness of the material to be weld making the setting of the fast and intuitive machine.
It is also equipped with Flex-Line technology that guarantees a high power factor and a high energy savings of 35% (compared to a traditional inverter). Finally, the Fox 185 Flex Line model has two digital displays that facilitate welding and parameter reading settings.

Its technology automatically compensates for electricity grid imbalances, with the possibility of use both with home electricity and current derived from the use of a generator.
Simple to use also for less experienced welders, thanks to the reference stairs it will be easy to adjust the welding settings.

The Helvi Fox 185 multi-function welding machine therefore offers three welding possibilities in a single generator, and switch from one process to another is quick and easy thanks to the adjustment knob on the front of the machine.

By setting the MIG / MAG wire welding mode with a full wire and using the use of the gas or with animated wire NOGAS, you can work in manual mode, which allows the operator to adjust from whether the speed of the thread and The welding voltage, or in synergistic mode, where the operator is enough to adjust the thickness of the material to be paid and once this parameter is set, the voltage current and the speed of the wire will be set automatically by the machine leave the freedom to the operator only of the Balancing.

Wanting to weld MMA electrode enough to position itself on the front functional panel on the desired process, with the possibility of welding of both rutile and basic electrodes, for a maximum of 3.25 mm diameter.

To weld to TIG, a TIG torch with gas valve on the handle is required, which must be opened manually before welding and closed manually at the end of the welding. The welding arc is triggered by contact, and the operator can manually adjust the welding current throughout the process.

The Synergic regulation system With pre-set programs makes it easily usable on many applications, both for domestic and professional use.

The welding machine is already supplied with some accessories:

  • Pressure reducer with two pressure gauges
  • Model 15 wire torch with euro attack - 3 meters
  • Electrode door pliers 25 mmq connector - 3 meters
  • Mass cable with 25 mmq connector clamp - 3 meters
  • Ropper wire coil Ø 0.8 mm from 0.8 kg

The main technical data (all the details in the Attached technical sheet)

supply voltage 115 V 50 / 60Hz
230 V 50/60 Hz
60% power 1.6 kW (115 V)
2.3 kW (230 V)
Vacuum voltage
MMA (115 V - 230 V)
TIG (115V - 230 V)
MIG (115 V - 230 V)

54 V - 54 V
7.5 V - 7.5 V
24V - 26 V
Min-max amperage
MMA (115 V- 230 V)
TIG (115V - 230 V)
MIG (115 V - 230 V)

20÷100 A - 20÷170 a
5÷110 A - 5÷170 a
25÷120 A - 25÷170 a
Duty cycle
MMA (115 V)
TIG (115 V)
MIG (115 V)

40% 100 A - 100% 65 A
40% 110 A - 100% 70 a
40% 120 A - 100% 75 a
Duty cycle
MMA (230 V)
TIG (230 V)
MIG (230 V)

25% 170 A - 60% 110 a
25% 170 A - 60% 110 a
25% 170 A - 60% 110 A - 100% 85 A
Aluminum wire Ø 0.8÷ 1.0 mm
Carbon steel (FE) Ø 0.6÷ 1.0 mm
Animated wire Ø 0.8÷ 1.00 mm
Stainless steel Ø 0.8÷ 1.00 mm
MMA electrodes Ø 1.6÷ 3.25 mm
Type of electrodes 6013- 7018 - Crni
Degree of isolation H
Degree of protection IP 22 s
Abstemion 480 x 220 x 385 mm
Weight 16 kg

Usage and maintenance booklet

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