Harris pressure reducer for Argon mixture / CO2 zero compensation flow meter

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Harris model 351-30L-AR model for Argon / CO2 miscellation suitable for all applications read in welding.


  • Compact design, high resistance forged brass body
  • More resistant to CO2 spills and breakage of a standard flow meter reducer
  • Save gas - operates at lower pressures of the standard by avoiding the accumulation to the valve reopening
  • Maximum incoming pressure 230 bar
  • Durable polycarbonate flow meter column with easy-to-read sized tube and 360 ° visibility
  • Non-plywood (not constant pressure regulation, with possible vents in the case of gas opening or first gas dispensing from the welding torch)
  • High pressure capsule valve with PTFE hold (Teflon)
  • 7 year warranty Harris
  • Standard output connection G 3/8 "+ Load connection for 5/6/8 mm tube
  • Flow rate (LPM) 0-30
  • Inbound pressure gauge (bar) 0-315
  • Flowometer (lpm) 0-30

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