CO2 gas preheater to be applied between the gas cylinder and the pressure reducer

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Industrial CO2 gas preheater, to be applied between the pressure reducer and the gas cylinder to be used, should not be used with other gases. Y50010

The preheater for Gas CO2 goesInstalled between the cylinder and the pressure reducer to heat the output gas so as toPrevent Ice TrainingOn the reducer, compromising its use so.

The preheater has a system ofPower supply from 220V, with maximum absorption of 75 watts. Bring the gas temperature output to a maximum of 75 ° C.

For a proper functioning of the preheater,NOT It must be used above a temperature of use of 40 ° C andNOT It must be used with other gases outside CO2 gas cylinders.

Input connection:
Right internal threaded nut D = 21.8 - 1/14 "(complete with nylon gasket)

Output connection:

Maximum operating pressure: 200 bar

Maximum flow of the vaporization of the CO2: 20 lt / min

Cable length Mt.1.8

Weight 725 gr.

SKU: 00245579

Not suitable for food use

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