Emulsifiable oil cutting synthetic multi-purpose CFG metal

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Emsonable oil for cutting, drilling, tapping, thread

Mixture of synthetic oils, emulsifiable in water from 3 to 6%
The emulsion lubricates, refrigerates and facilitates cutting all metals, both in chip removal and lapping processing (adjustments).

PLRIVALENTE CUTTING OIL (OTP) CFG Form with water A stable, very fine and translucent emulsion that makes metal cutting faster, improves the surface finish of the worked part, increases the duration of the sharpening of the Utensìle, Protects metals from corrosion.

The emulsion can be used for a long time thanks to the bacteriostatic action carried out by the CFG OTP.


The specific lubro-refrigerant effect of the emulsion obtained with CFG OTP reduces the work required for cutting and lowers the temperature to the metal / utensìle interface.The profile and the original mechanical characteristics of the sharp element are preserved longer.

The microlaw of the cutting surface becomes less. The slightly basic hemulsion behavior with CFG OTP (higher concentrations the pH is 9.5) and the slight untiveness conferred to the metal slow down or prevent the manifestation of oxidative phenomena, even in fairly adverse environmental conditions.

The addition of bactericides is not necessary and the replacement of the emulsion can take place with less frequency. The CFG OTP does not contain nitrites, has good anti-foam power and does not emit vapors.

Instructions: To give emulsion the highest dispersion values, stability and minimum opacity, add the CFG OTP to small doses to light water.

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