Electrode for cast iron 2,5x300 siderghis ni with pure nickel soul Price for electrode

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MMA electrode for cast iron welding siderghis ni for sweet fusion

Size: 2.5x300

The price is reported by single electrode

General properties and applications:

  • Electrode with basic-graphic coating and pure nickel soul
  • Very sweet fusion, very ductile deposit, easily workable at the tool
  • Find use for spheroidal cast iron welding, gray.
  • Mainly used for repairing engine blocks, casting defects, machine tools bases, pump bodies, pulleys.
  • It is advisable to make small cords, hammering the deposit to avoid cracks.

Welding current: DC + AC (> 50V.)
With 2.5 diameter use amperage between 50/80.

Chemical deposit analysis (Typical value):

C Yup Mn Fe Ni
1.00 0.70 0.15 4.00 Rest

Mechanical characteristics:

Resistance (N / mm²)
Hardness (HB)
>300 150-170

Welding positions:

This technical note is at best of our most recent knowledge, however also due to the diversity of the conditions of use, it does not in any way commit the responsibility of our society.

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