Titanium chopsticks 5 pcs. TIG welding grade 2 diameter 1.6 and 2.4 mm length 1mt.

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Diameter: 1.6
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The titanium grade 2 (ERTI-2) is commonly named commercially pure (CP) whose level of impurities and mechanical properties increase slightly from ERTI-1 to ERTI-4.

The titanium grade 2 intake metal is used for tig welding (gas-tungsten-arc-welding).

The titanium grade 2 is the most used alloy for industrial applications given its good balance between its excellent mechanical characteristics, its formability and weldability.

The titanium grade 2 is typically used in the construction of heat exchangers for marine water and brackish water, in heat exchangers for the chemical and process industry, pressure vessels and piping systems, wooden paste whitening plants, frame of bicycle, motorcycle frame and cars, air purifiers, for environmental pollution control, storage tanks for chemical and electrochemical products and in the aerospace industry.

Typical chemical composition%:
C 0.03 - O 0.10 - N 0.020 - H 0.008 - FE 0.20 - Ti Rim.

Typical mechanical characteristics:
Breaking load: 340 MPa (50,000 psi)
Yielding: 275 MPa (40,000 psi)
Stretch: 20%

Notes on titanium welding
The procedures and equipment for titanium welding are generally similar to those used for welding of stainless steel or aluminum.
Titanium (and titanium alloys) is an extremely reactive metal and sensitive to infragilment from O2, N2, and H2 above 315 ° C (600 ° F): therefore welding and hot parts of the joint must be Protected from atmospheric air with protection gas, until the hot zone of the joint has not fallen below 315 ° C.
Protection gases used for titanium welding (and titanium alloys) are: the Argon, the Elio, or occasionally, mixtures of these two gases.
The composition of the metal adjustment is usually the same as the base material.
To avoid contamination and the consequent infringement of the joint, the metal to the adjustment and the base material must be strictly clean, before welding, from any grease, oil or dirt accumulated during molding mechanical processing.
If the hot extremity of the adjustment material is removed from the protection gas flow before having cooled, and then reused, it contributes to welding pollution. If the terminal part of the adjustment material is contaminated, cut the contaminated part (different color) before use.
The titanium welding can be performed at a distance in special rooms or bells with flexible walls, emptying from the air and filled with Argon, or in rigid watertight walled rooms, in which the vacuum was made at least 10-4 Torr (0.013 PA) To remove the air.

The titanium is welded into continuous current (DC).

ClassificationSaws A-5.16 ERTI-2 - (UNS R50120)


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