Chopsticks Tig Tig Welding Aluminum 99.5 AL1050 Length 1 Meter Price at KG

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Aluminum tig welding fingers 99.5 to 1050 1,6mm diameters, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm. 1 meter length.

Pure aluminum wand for pure aluminum welding. It has excellent conductivity and good corrosion resistance.
To be used with AC + alternating current

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Rupture resistance (N / mm2): 95-120
  • Sewage resistance (N / mm2): 65-100
  • 3rd% 5D: 35

We recommend:

Diameter 1.6 2.0 2.4 3.2
Amperage (a) 80-110 100-130 120-150 140-180
Voltage (V) 10-12 14-16 16-18 17-19

The price is per kg.

Number of pieces depending on the diameter contained in a kg:
- 1,6mm diameter, 1 kg = about 190 chopsticks
- 2,0mm diameter, 1 kg = about 120 chopsticks
- 2.4mm diameter, 1 kg = about 85 chopsticks
- 3,2mm diameter, 1 kg = about 47 chopsticks

The bars make up the supply material for welding
Their use is necessary where the simple merger union of the two materials is not sufficient to guarantee a welding.
The contribution material must have characteristics suitable for the material that must be welded.

Typical analysis:

  • To the: 99.8
  • Yup: 0.06
  • Fe: 0.12
  • CU:0.05
  • MN:0.001
  • MG:0.003
  • ZN:0.005
  • You:0.0020
  • CR: 0.0010

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