Tre nuovi attrezzi Strong Hand per la saldatura e la tua officina

A magnet, a strangely sized container and an adjustable iron ring. What are these objects for? And what do they have in common?

Before looking at each of these tools in detail, let's immediately say that they have in common the manufacturer: the Strong Hand .

Strong Hand is a very interesting brand, because it creates tools that are very useful in welding and which above all are born to solve very essential problems.

Although they are often simple objects, not linked to those technologies that distort your work, you can find tools that are easy to use, which simplify and greatly facilitate some phases of the work .

Among the latest news, let's examine 3 tools that cannot be missing in your workshop.

Square magnet with On/off switch

If you're dealing with magnetic metal , such as carbon steel, this tool can be very invaluable.

This magnet has a button that allows you to activate its magnetic action . So if the button is:

  • Off , the magnet has no magnetism and behaves like any object with no power of attraction to the metal
  • On , my welding magnet effectively becomes a magnet, attracting the elements you need to work with.

Very useful in some situations, such as when you have to hold two profiles together at 90 degrees and after welding the corner joint you want to remove the magnet without having to pull the metal away with the force of an arm wrestling champion. The process may be difficult. Instead, with this magnet you just click the button and take the pieces out in an instant.

There are two sizes for this square magnet:

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TIG torch accessories organized plan

The second object is a TIG spare parts container . So it is used to keep the typical spare parts of a TIG torch in order and close at hand.

Contains space for:

  • electrode clamps
  • electrode clamp holder
  • hats
  • various ceramics depending on the diameter you use
  • tungsten electrodes.

It really is a useful item, even featuring two hooks for hanging and hooking it to a table or worktop.

Very comfortable and functional if you want to have all the accessories visually divided, without having to search around the whole workshop every time you need them.

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Storage collar for cylinder

This strange object is a collar with a circular structure to be hooked around the upper neck of the welding gas cylinders.

On the back it has a washer that is used to hook it. There are different types of more or less tight attachments, to try to adjust it according to the different sizes of the cylinders.

Once the collar is placed on the tank, you can use it to hang just about anything. It features:

  • four movable and removable hangers for hanging the welding helmet or the wrench for tightening the pressure reducer nut
  • two large fixed hooks, perfect for hanging clothes
  • a clip for gloves.

Click on the image to see the product!

Did you realize that in your workshop these tools would be a great help? You can find these and other tools on our website . All you have to do is choose the one that's right for you!

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