Riduttore di pressione per saldatura: cosa fare se non si connette alla bombola?

You are preparing to weld. You have prepared all the instruments, but the pressure reducer is giving you some problems and you cannot connect it to the Argon or Argon/ CO₂ blend gas cylinder because the connection is different.

What can you do? How should you behave? These questions are very frequent and are asked very often by those who call or write us on whatsapp (by the way, write us on whatsapp! 3486018421).

Let's see, then, what to do if your manometer (pressure reducer) does not connect to the welding gas cylinder connector.

Pressure reducer: which type to choose?

First, make sure you choose the right pressure reducer . In the case of argon and CO₂, the reducer features a W24.51 x 1/14 male connection .

This type of attachment can enter the thread of the gas cylinder and connect through the appropriate nut.

Very often, however, it happens that when new welding machines are bought, pressure reducers are supplied which are not suitable for Argon or gas cylinders.

These are small gearboxes with a different attack from the one we have just seen. In fact, the connection has a female nut which, obviously, cannot be inserted in this type of gas cylinder.

So, what can we do?

Pressure reducer: what to do if you can't insert it into the refillable gas cylinder?

If you are unable to insert the pressure reducer into your gas cylinder, there are some practical solutions that you can adopt to obtain the desired result. Let's see together two of the most common cases that have happened to us as a TECNISTA and that we have solved with a very low cost.

1. The reducer has a female connection with a nut of about 22mm, the gas cylinder has a female connection of 24mm. I can't insert it!

Use the adapter. In this case you can simply screw an adapter to the pressure reducer and then attach it to the gas cylinder.


The reducer is usually used on refillable gas cylinders of pure CO₂ gas , but it can also be used in all respects with 200 bar Argon or Argon/ CO₂ blend gas cylinders without problems.


The reducer has a female connection with a 22mm thread nut and cannot be connected to disposable gas cylinders which have an M10x1 connection.

From time to time, we may find ourselves in this situation: we are equipped with a pressure reducer for refillable pure CO₂ gas cylinders . We immediately realize that we cannot connect to the disposable argon or blend gas cylinders .

Disposable gas cylinders can have different formats :

  • 14 liters loaded at 60 bar
  • 1 liter loaded at 110 bar
  • 2.2 liters loaded at 110 bar.

Regardless of the format, it becomes impossible to connect the pressure reducer because all disposable gas cylinders containing Argon have an M10x1 connection, which is too small for our pressure reducer.

Again we can solve the problem with an adapter . In a very simple way it connects first to the pressure reducer in the female nut; keep in mind that it must be tightened well with wrenches , so as not to let the gas pass.

Otherwise, there is a risk of connecting to the gas cylinder and starting to lose gas.

Thanks to this adapter, therefore, you will be able to use the pressure reducer, which you may have found included with the welding machine, with any disposable gas cylinder.

It is not said that adaptations can be made for each pressure reducer and welding cylinder, but it is worth checking if you find yourself in one of the two cases described above or contacting us if another situation has occurred to you, because we could have the right adapter for you!

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