Le novità 3M Scotch-Brite: dischi per il condizionamento/trattamento/lucidatura/satinatura delle superfici di inox

3M has combined the CUBITRON II patent with TNT (non-woven fabric) to obtain an exceptionally high performance product, even capable of replacing lamellar and fiber fibers in the finest grits.

Where is it used?

For finishing and reworking without scratching or damaging the base material on stainless steel, aluminum, zamak, carbon steel, titanium, nickel alloys.

How to use it?

The discs are equipped with velcro and can be easily applied to the appropriate backing pad both to be applied to the angle grinder and to the axial one or to the drill.

How many degrees of finishing can be achieved?

At least 5 and you can easily choose thanks to the differentiation of colors as per the table:


And here are some examples provided by one of our very kind customers who successfully tested them:

Scotch-Brite Disc PN-DH Precision Very Fine
Scotch-Brite Disc P N-DH Precision Fine
Scotch-Brite Disc PN-DH Precision Medium
Scotch-Brite SD-CRS Disc (Aggressive Grind)




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