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Two words about the torches.

The use of these equipment with high-potential danger gas obliges us to make a couple of considerations that, while not having the presumption of being exhaustive on the subject, have the intention of providing stimuli in considering its correct use.

In the first instance it is always advisable to make sure that the torches, valves, the reducers and the tube are in regulation. That is that each component is certified and the manufacturer is identifiable and the related product information is expressed in Italian. In deficiency of this basic information it is not objectively possible to guarantee the adequacy of the product.

For those who were already in possession of the equipment and wanted to verify the adequacy of the regulations, referring to the reference standards in the lime.

The safety valves must be mounted both on the reducer and directly on the same torch. The efficiency of the valves must be guaranteed by certification and periodic substitution (2 years) or from the need deriving from obvious damage due to impact or flame returns.
It is possible for additional safety in case of use of a pipe longer than 10 meters also put the safety valves for tube. This last option is optional.

Pressure reducers cannot be repaired except by accredited repairers since the relative maintenance and reciprocistry must submit to the same quality as the original product. For this reason it is always appropriate that maintenance is carried out by producers and related authorized service centers.
Exceptions are the pressure gauges that can be replaced by the user as long as they are the original ones.
Even the reducers should be replaced periodically, the rule indicates 5 years.

The tubes have a deadline of 3 years from the day of implementation in the case of intensive use (professional), or 5 years in the case of sporadic use. For custom, the date of the supplier's delivery document (the bubble, the immediate invoice or the receipt) is used. The production date stamped on the pipes is not considered to take into account the deadline.

As for all equipment, periodic checks must be carried out and any anomalies must always be reported to those of duty within the workplace so that it places appropriate measures. For example, if the tube is cracked despite having a deadline at one year it should be replaced immediately.

The tips and lances must be free to deliver the useful gas at the correct lighting of the flame. Any obstructions must be removed with calibrated reamers that do not deform the roundness of the hole. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that the same are suitable both to the type of fuel gas used, and we are compatible with the torch.

Every product that has suffered a flame return is immediately replaced.


Reference regulations:

  • CE EN 559 pipes
  • CE CAN 2001/95; 97/23 (PED)
  • EN ISO 2503 reducers
  • Valves EN 730-1
  • UNI 11627

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