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We often come across the problem regarding the correct gas pressure adjustment while using the cutting torch.

It is a common belief that the more cutting pressure is higher the cutting will be effective.

In part it is true but, reached the preheating temperature it is necessary to proceed by lowering the pressure.

This peculiarity of the Harris It makes them particularly silent and cheap. The gas consumption is lower and the cut is more precise and shining.

For example, on a thickness of about 25 mm the pressure to be set goes from a minimum of 2 to maximum 3.5 bar while acetylene 0.3-0.8 bar. By setting pressure on longer dimensions the torch cannot be used *.

The Harris branded monobloc tips are mainly intended for bone-acetylene cut, while the two-piece tips are for cutting with alternative fuels (LPG, methane, propylene) and more generally to excellent preheating performance.

The 2-piece tips are less expensive, easier to clean through the appropriate calibrated reamer, and produce a high pre-heating for quick cutting of painted steel and / or rusty.

* The reference pressures of the tips can be consulted in the following tables:

Tips 6290 for oxyacethylene monobloc type

Tips oxyacethylene and oxygas 6290 2 pieces high preheating

Tips Ossigas 8290 2 pieces

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