Il filo della saldatrice non scorre, si blocca anche se stringo il pressore del rullino al massimo! - Tecnista

This is a very common symptom and causes can be many, some concomitanti.
Let's see first because it happens.

The welding thread is wrapped on a reel, generally "Spy on Spira". This particular winding system prevents the thrill of the thread while it is carried out and therefore avoids the possibility that it is jointed between its own spiers.

One of the problems that are most frequently registered when replacing the coil. The wire takes place due to its propensity to dilate and the operator, in an attempt to rewind it, compromises the regular conduct.

How can you avoid?
By simply holding the wire blocked, taking care to do it gradually bringing it closer to the trainfilo rollers.

Another problem concerns the rollers and this substantially happens because:
a) they are worn
b) they are not suitable for the type of wire. We remind you that animated wire is that of aluminum they must have dedicated rollers
c) are not the original ones
d) they are not the measure corresponding to the diameter of the wire used

Further event is the sheath :
a) dirty or worn sheath
b) do not match the thread diameter used
c) Sheath not suitable for the thread. We remind you that the aluminum wire and the animated wire require the sheath in Teflon or Carbon.

Rarely :
a) Tip driving wipe or non-corresponding to the diameter of the wire used
b) problems to the thread speed control board

The topic obviously does not run out in these few lines but, based on our experience, 90% of the problems is solved easily and with little expense.

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