Idea regalo fai da te per San Valentino
Is Valentine's Day approaching? If you can't find the perfect gift, you can make it yourself. Only very few materials and a few simple steps are needed.

Let's see together step by step how to create a metal rose.

The materials for a DIY gift

To get started, retrieve all the media you need for the job:

  • scissors for metal
  • a sheet of galvanized iron (600x1000 mm, thickness 0.5 mm)
  • protective gloves and goggles
  • compass
  • burin
  • a rod made of aluminum or other material
  • kit for heating-balance-brazing
  • hammer
  • screwdriver drill.

Tutorial: how to make a DIY metal rose?

Drawing of circles

With the help of the compass make five circles on the metal. The first with a diameter of 10 cm, the second of 9 cm and gradually reduce the diameter by one centimeter, up to 6 cm for the last circle.


Cut the circles you have just drawn, you will need them to make the rose petals. The work can also be a bit rough at this stage, if there are corners after the cut it is not important, you will go and finish them later.


Take the graver and use it to make a pre-hole and proceed with the drill bit. You can use as a reference the center of the circumference, where you previously pointed the compass. A light blow with the burin will be enough to have the impression and drill easily.

The suggestion is to use a good cordless drill, for example a Bosch with an 18 Volt battery and a 3.25 bit, to define the holes. Place a piece of wood underneath to protect the countertop.

Edge processing of circles

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