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How much is a welder mask?

In the panorama of the welder electronic masks there is really to be lost. Prices vary from a few euros a few hundred and, for some models, even beyond the thousand.
Frankly, if I were a profane, I would make a little effort to find the ways to orient myself in the search for information that can make me understand the objective differences between the various models.
I did a search and I also asked producers to try to have the chance to establish a comparison methodology. I admit that it was not easy and still I have not completely solved the doubts, but there are balanced points that is important, really important, consider.

The first of all is the guarantee that the product is certified according to the EC legislation.

We have noted that some products from abroad through importers, both Italian and European, are not accompanied by the EC certificate issued by an accredited European entity.

We remind you that the conformity certification can also be self-produced by the producer and / or the importer who is required to demonstrate, exhibiting adequate technical documentation, the truthfulness of the declaration to the conformity of the product.

We carried out tests by examining Eastern products. We asked for technical documentation is the certification of conformity.
We have discovered that in 2 cases out of 5 the documents were false, the certifying body, from us questioned for verification, he told us not to have them issued. In the other 3 cases the certificates came from an uncredited institution in Europe and therefore invalid for the purposes of the official certification.

Unfortunately this happens with many foreign origin products, it does not go day that the media does not report news regarding seizures of goods without the related CE certifications.

Last week a client who asked us to show him a good electronic welder screen (we proposed the weldcap). After showing him successfully we discovered that he had bought a few days before, a well-known food distribution brand (known "welding specialists"), with which he didn't find it very well. To synthesize I will tell you that the mask cost about 25 euros the visit from Octus 150 (fortunately the damage occurred in the case of him is reversible).

When it comes to health it is good not to joke. The welder masks are not toys. Return to the III category of D.P.I. And as such the responsibilities of those who distribute them and / or produces are criminal.

How to make sure to be sure not to incur potentially dangerous purchases for our health? Given that the certification is a very approximate element and therefore also the related technical characteristics declared, we must select the products with the following criterion of choice:

a) Choose an Italian brand known, possibly as a manufacturer. There are many and all offer seriousness and professional responsibility.

B) Understand if the tig or electrode or wire is also necessary to work. I say this because the TIG welding requires degrees of darkness below DIN 9 which is normally the minimum necessary for electrode and / or wire welding.

C) Compare reaction times from clear to dark. The lower the fewer times are the exposure to infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV), which are notoriously dangerous for the retina.

d) wary of reviews concerning economic products. Who wrote them normally did it after a few hours of work. The data is not significant.

In summary our advice is not to save on the purchase of this important D.P.I. Since permanent eye damage is much more expensive than any screen.

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