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The TIG welding (= Tungsten Inert gas) exploits the heat delivered by an electric arc that is generated between the material from welding and a tungsten electrode infusable. The process takes place under inert atmosphere using argon gas or argon mixtures and helium.

The welding process can be carried out with or without intake material (named verns or tig bars) which must be compatible with the material to be welded.

Generally the use of the procedure is indicated to weld thin thicknesses to avoid excessive overheating of the material and therefore its deformation.

Wide use is made for welding of pipes, profiles, body sheet in the nautical, furnishing, car, thermotechnics, prototyping, plant engineering sectors, etc.

Thanks to the absence of sprays and slag, the welding cord is aesthetically better than other processes. Normally cleaning takes place without excessive use of abrasives but with decapant and antioxidant gels, or with satin pattern products.

The machine is with high frequency trigger, it means that the electric arc trigger does not take place by contact with the material but with the torch ignition. This preserves the point of the electrode that allows the accuracy of advancement.

The TIG method can also be carried out with electrode inverter welding machines but with so-called "smear" torches, ie the trigger of the arc takes place by contact with the material.

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