Argon / CO2 economizer Guaranteed CE mark

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Argon / CO2 pressure saving
UNI 4412

Most of the MIG / TIG / TIG welding pressure reducers are set for working pressure at 3.5-6 bar with gas consumption up to 32 lt / min.
L'DM saving Provides the necessary protection of the welding bath with half use of argon gas or argon mixtures.
We have personally used this economizer, and from our surveys it appears that the flow output from the economizer is a maximum of 12 liters / min.

This important tool:

  • It saves up to 50% gas.
  • To be installed on the controller output connection (attention to the measurement in inches)
  • Save up to 50% exhaust gas (see table below)
  • Reduces the exchange rate of the cylinders
  • Reduces the cost of transporting the cylinders to the service station
  • Save money for the purchase of gas

Advantages of the DM economizer

  • Optimal protection gas flow from the beginning
  • No turbulent jet at the beginning of welding
  • Twice more stitching with the same amount of gas
  • Reduced weight 0.3kg




Gas of use

Argon, со2

and other mixtures

Input gas pressure, MPa (КGF / СM2)



Output gas pressure, MPa (КGF / СM2)


Maximum capacity,
l / min



G "3/8 or G" 1/4

Dimension of bulk, mm, no more than


Weight kg)


Shipping (costs and times)

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