Nebes TM125 Plus inverter band saw sawing machine

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With permanent magnet motor with inverter technology.
The inverter engine works with direct current but is poweredThrough the normal alternating current 230 v. He has insideits large magnets performing the function of the stator creatingA magnetic field that creates rotation.
An electronic card that acts as a real inverter, managesIn addition to the inversion of the current, some minimum parameters are alsoAnd motor highest offering high performance.
Nebes is holder of the SRR patent reduction system of thenoise (-60% compared to universal engines traditions) that gives oneNotable noise reduction thanks to the magnet motorpermanent, which develops a very high torque even at low speedsof laps.
It is supplied with:
a) cast iron pulleys without rubber supports, which means being able to use a spray lubricant
b) double motor protection, thermal and amperometric that protects the engine duringAll the cutting cycle
c) Electronic speed regulator that keeps the number of revolutions constant and itspower, protecting continuously from any overloads
d) blade in excellent bimetallic steel for cuts on iron, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic etc.
- Power 1010 Watt
- Weight kg.21.5
- Cutting angle 0-45 ° -60 °
- Cut on Round max. d. 125 mm (85 mm at 45 °; 50 mm at 60 °)
CUTTING ON MAX 120x120 square profile (80x80 at 45 °; 50x50 at 60 °)
Cutting on rectangular profile max 120 (h) x 125 (80 (h) x 110 to 45 °; 50 (h) x 90 at 60 °)
- Oversized sturdy cast iron and aluminum block bubble with steel shelves
- Arc blocking device for easy transport
- base with scratch-resistant feet
- Separate Guide
- Vertical adjustment via eccentric ring with double bearing
- Recall adjustable head spring
- 1 blade mounted 1440x13x0.65
Great product for those looking for an excellent quality / price compromiseand requires a reliable and simple transport tool.

Code: 00362092

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